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The Art of Fiction: A Guide for Writers and Readers
Ayn Rand, Tore Boeckmann, Leonard Peikoff
The Name of the Rose
Umberto Eco
David Mitchell
To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Edward Gibbon, Daniel J. Boorstin, Gian Battista Piranesi, Hans-Friedrich Mueller
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Douglas R. Hofstadter
Perfect Wrong Note - Learning to Trust Your Musical Self
William Westney
The Prince
Niccolò Machiavelli
The Varieties of Religious Experience
William James
Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy
G. Lee Bowie, Robert C. Solomon

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, Revised and Updated Edition

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home - Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise A great guide to giving your kid a classical education, but you've got to be willing to commit a LOT of time to doing it, otherwise it'll feel completely overwhelming. I love the idea, but in our case following it closely wasn't feasible. Even though we're not using it as a curriculum, we still refer back to it often for age-appropriate resources on the classics.